Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rockhal Box: Standing

Rockhal Rockhal Box

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 29,- € + 2,9 € presale fee

Show: 20.15 hrs
Doors: 19.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal


Deichkind are on the attack! Everyone knows them after success records such as "Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah)" or "Arbeit nervt". Hogging the limelight as usual, Deichkind from Hamburg are going on a grand tour in 2012, presenting their new record "Befehl von ganz unten" and a new stage show. They promise no less than total euphoria and confusion. On 17 November 2012, they're going to have a blast in Luxembourg and turn the Rockhal audience into a raving sea of people!

Starting ages ago with some bin bags and tape, the band drew up a master plan which scheduled them to reach the top by the spring of 2012. What they've planned is a triumphant mega event, a spectacle the world hasn't seen before. There are many things Deichkind can't remember from the fourteen years of their career, except for one arrangement: We'll be at the top by 2012. That's why they've recorded a new album, "Befehl von ganz unten", which of course is their best so far, because they would never settle for less.

Furthermore, Deichkind have invented a "new show concept". But attention! This harmless sentence hides an outrageous procedure. It's hard to imagine what the audience has to expect from a Deichkind show. Words can hardly describe it, they can only give an idea of it...

Despite its moderate 1:20 scale, the stage model inspires great awe. In this setting, the Masters of the Universe, or more precisely several Skeletor characters which are being misused as Deichkind doubles, seem completely lost despite their anabolic look. All the objects seem to be constantly moving, colours change and nothing seems as it did only seconds before. Furthermore, rotating projections and errant videos from the follower perspective, as well as LEDs flashing across the scenery and laser beams shooting from every buttonhole promise no less than a monstrous show which could well lead to the big bang.

To put it in a nutshell: The history of megalomaniac stage décor and magic jamboree is to be re-written in 2012 at the latest. Be there or be square... Deichkind's stage appearances are unforgettable experiences and their concert at the Rockhal on 17 November will certainly meet that standard. On their new record, Deichkind put it as follows: "I didn't like Deichkind's record, but their shows are - Leider geil!"

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