Friday, 9 November 2012

Club: Standing

Rockhal Club

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 26,5 - € + 2,6 € presale fee

Show: 20.30 hrs
Doors: 20.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal


Vitalic Musicians such as Vitalic are few and far between. In a time when words such as "pioneer" and "innovator" get tossed around far too easily, Vitalic is part of a dying breed that actually warrants such epithets. On 9 November Pascal Arbez-Nicolas will return to Luxembourg after being one of the first acts to perform at the Rockhal in 2005 and present his new album being released in autumn! A real treat for all fans of his unique sound.

Like Daft Punk or Aphex Twin, the Frenchman of Vitalic is a disco visionary responsible for shaping the sound of modern-day electronic music. As a programmer and multi-instrumentalist he blends electro, techno, and house together with elements of classical, rock, Italo-disco, and 70s electronic music. With his incendiary "Poney EP", followed by his seminal 2005 debut "OK Cowboy", Vitalic pretty much single-handedly invented a whole new phase of dance music, with blistering, claustrophobically compressed production, beautifully brutal beats and madly addictive tunes, all delivered with a wink of its glittery disco eye. A host of imitators quickly followed in its wake, but none could quite match his breathless spirit of adventure and experimentation.

His last album "Flashmob" (2009) was another romp of vintage sounding dance novelties. It's not only an evolution in Vitalics sound, but also a gigantic step ahead for electronic music in general. In terms of its range and its scope, Vitalic has created another matchless record, and one that easily rivals "OK Cowboy" in terms of scale and ambition. A new infectious single is awaited in June with a completely new album to follow in autumn. Can you wait for it?

In this culture of instant everything and incessant hyperbole, Vitalic, stoic and dependable, a pillar of strength, represents a more traditional way of doing things. On 09 November 2012, he will be demonstrating his skills to the audience of the Rockhal. The fearless metal-disco warrior's live concerts are brutally effective as he is regularly annihilating venues all over the world with his intense shows. Are you ready for his retina-scorching, brain-meltingly brilliant show?

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