Friday, 7 December 2012

Club: Standing

Rockhal Club

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 24,- € + 2,4 € presale fee

Show: 20.30 hrs
Doors: 20.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal


Superstar of electro hip hop made in France, Wax Tailor will be at the Rockhal on Friday 7 December 2012 with his incredible show "The Dusty Rainbow Experience". As much at ease on the large festival stage as working with a symphony orchestra, his group has gained a fine reputation for its performances.

French author, composer, producer and manager, Jean-Christophe Le Saoût launched his label Lab'Oratoire in 1998. After producing the group La Formule and being involved in the Breathing Under Water project, he called himself Wax Tailor and released his first EP entitled "Lost the Way" in 2004. In March 2005 he released "Tales of the Forgotten Melodies". For this work, Wax Tailor recorded original film music blending several influences. Two years later, the work "Hope & Sorrow" sold more than 55,000 copies and won him nominations for Victoires de la Musique and for the US Indie Music Awards. At the same time as a marathon international tour, he recorded the main theme for the latest film by Cédric Klapisch, "Paris", and a number of remixes (Nina Simone, ASA and so on).

Leader of the trip-hop scene, in only a few years Wax Tailor established himself as one of the greatest international ambassadors of the French scene. Evolving in a universe between orchestral hip hop and down-tempo work, he merged dialogues, original sound tracks for mythical films, hip-hop and electro samples. With "In the Mood for Life", his third album composed in Paris and New York, Wax Tailor created an organic fresco with orchestral accents more then ever reconciling hip-hop groove and pop melodies. In only four years, his music had won over fans with its authenticity. A new album is expected to appear in the autumn.

After more than 400 concerts in 50 countries, Wax Tailor and his accomplices Charlotte Savary (vocals) and Matthieu Detton (cello) will be thrilling the audience at the Rockhal on 7 December 2012 during a spellbinding evening! They will take us from jazz to pop, via funk, and an encounter in the universe of current music, uniquely and ambitiously highlighting the colours of "coolitude". You'll love it.

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