Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Exit07: Standing

Rockhal Exit07

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 18,- € + 1,8 € presale fee

Show: 21.00h
Doors: 20.30h

Organized by: Rockhal


This show is taking place at EXIT07 in Luxembourg-Hollerich! Directions can be found here.

British born Sohn is the new star within electronica, soul and r’n’b with an intense and deep nerve. With a voice resembling James Blake and melancholic beats, Sohn is a one-man army on the electronic battlefield. Alongside his own work like the captivating tracks “Bloodflows” and “Lessons” and a full-length album being released in February, Sohn has been busy collaborating with various artists, including producing the recent Banks track “Waiting Game” and remixing Angel Haze’s debut single “Echelon”. Let’s discover the fascinating world of the gifted multi-instrumentalist on 9 April 2014 at Exit07!

Having escaped the lonely nighttime streets of London for the mountainous landscapes of Austria the previous year, Sohn's distinctive sound emerged naturally as he found inspiration in the contrasts between the two places he has called home. Considered and emotive, the results are astounding.

Informed by Vienna’s rich legacy of electronic music, Sohn creates a sound that blends his haunting vocals with a backdrop of analogue drum machines and synths, which makes nods to the past, but always forges forward into the new. Aside from emphasising the soulfulness of his voice, his lyrics expertly play with the phonetics of language, wrapping his sonorous vocals around the gaps between sentences and lending those words more prominence.

This year, Sohn is riding on a wave of success with his two latest tracks “Bloodflows” (released on 27 May) and “Lessons” (released on 23 September). Picking up huge critical acclaim online, the tracks were covered by multiple newspapers and blogs, including Pitckwork Media which described it as "a vocal showcase and Sohn’s most sorrowful, powerful success yet” and GorillaVsBear mentioned "simple but mesmerizing and extremely effective video”.

As imaginative and exciting on stage as he is in the studio, Sohn's live shows are mixing the smooth, airy vocals of the musician with impressive keyboard playing and dream sequence beats that really make you feel as if you're adrift amongst the clouds.

To put it briefly, he is a major musical talent and we can’t wait to welcome him on 9 April 2014 at Exit07 in Luxembourg-Hollerich!

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