Music & Resources

The Music & Resources of the Rockhal is a space dedicated to modern pop and rock music. Its task is to orient, inform and assist amateur and professional musicians by providing them with a range of logistical and cultural tools and infrastructures. 


Music & Resources features a media library, 6 rehearsal rooms and a recording studio and is organising workshops and panels on a regular basis. In addition to this it is (co-) organizing several events, all dedicated to different aspects of (creating) music:

24 Heures Electro for Kids: Where the youngest explore and discover how to make music

24 Heures Electroniques: Workshops, panels and a festival dedicated to electronic music

Screaming Fields: The festival for student bands from Luxembourg

Rock Tools: One day to meet, learn and listen to "handmade" music

Sonic Visions: The international music conference and showcase festival



Visit its website to get a detailed view of its actvities: