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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Main Hall:  standing

Rockhal Main Hall

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 33,- €

19.30 (Doors: 18.00)

Organised by AJA Concerts by agreement with Arachnée Productions et Garance Spectacles


Please consult our access map for the parkings P&R and the buses which will serve the venue at regular intervals the evening of the concert.

You could gush effusively about them, begin an outpouring of praise and vaunt the merits of Alice and June, the new album from Indochine, as in any other bio, as for any other group. We could pull out the calculator and gallantly flaunt the astronomic sales figures for Paradize, the group’s previous album released in 2002, those for the tour and double live which followed. But at a time when the electro scene does not conceal its adoration for the group (the 2Manydjs revere “Tes yeux noirs”, the djette Miss Kittin took “3rd sex” on its last album, her accomplice The Hacker has remixed their new single), Indochine has nothing else to prove. And it hasn’t for a long time. Not to annoy those who like to trot out the cliché of a recent “resurrection”. Ask their army of fans. Indochine has never ceased to create. And they have even released their best discs over recent years.

Discover or rediscover them on stage in the Main Hall at the Rockhal!

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The initial date of the concert of Indochine (10 march 2007) has been postponed for logistical reasons to 24 march 2007. The tickets sold for the show of 10 march stay valid for the concert of 24 march. The refund of the sold tickets for the concert of 10 march are accepted until 9 march at the salespoint where the tickets have been purchased.


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