Saturday, 12 May 2018

Rocklab & The Floor: Standing

Rockhal Rocklab & The Floor

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: Free Entry


Organized by Rocklab


24 Heures Electroniques is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of electronic music. This year's edition will take place on 12 May 2018 and feature a program of workshops and artist talks about electronic music making at Rocklab and a line-up of international and local electronic music acts at the Floor of the Rockhal.



Bétøn is a modular music project, where its members are neither fixed nor defined.  Created by artists from FTRSND ("future sound") collective, the focus is on completely live, improvised performances. Bétøn will be composed of Andri Søren Haflidason & Brice Deloose for this performance. They have previously performed at Ancienne Belqique, Dour, Botanique, MIMA Brussels, Fuse, and TEDx. Brice (Sparkling Bits, Pattrn) studied acousmatic music, his sound typified by creative percussion and organic textures, Andri (sonøren) is a musician and audiovisual artist known for his diverse live performances and a melodic, atmospheric aesthetic. FTRSND is based in Brussels, and has over the last 3 years given form to many projects, including Belgium's largest urban electronic music festival Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM).


There's a "proper" way to play music, but Tim Exile isn't having it. He is an experimental musician whose albums have appeared on influential labels like Warp and Planet Mu. He's also the inventor of The Flow Machine, a musical instrument that joyfully breaks down barriers between live performance, multi-person orchestral work and DJ sets. Since 2009, Exile has performed more than 500 shows with The Flow Machine, including the first - and only - TED talk to inspire a stage invasion of mad-for-it dancers.  A Heath-Robinson-like-contraption that crams into a single flight case, The Flow Machine incorporates piano keyboards, six battered controllers, one or more computers, a beatbox, a microphone, and Exile's own home-built software. The Flow Machine helps Tim Exile to put the performance at the center of his workflow, allowing him to abandon the composition with a computer and a mouse. Through his collaborations and his work with The Flow Machine, Exile has become as much an inventor and technologist as a performer, and a regular on the TED and tech-show circuit.  He sees these as complimentary facets of a career that demands multiple avenues of expression. “What interests me is communication, attempting to create a sense of humanity that elevates all true fans of music and performance."


Well known for the giant Drum Robot "MR-808" the techno-robot pioneer Moritz Simon Geist aka Sonic Robots is back with a new performance: "Tripods One", where electronic music is created by futuristic Robots! Geist explores the in-between of robotic noisery, the inner sound of mechanics - and live robotic bass music! “Tripods One” is a futuristic robotic sound sculpture turned music robot. It sketches a possible future of human-machine interaction – with robots and electronic music. The kinetic sculpture is played live as a music instrument in an AV-performance. Small mechanics and physical tone-generators inside the sculpture produce the noises used in the musical context. The sculpture envisions a futuristic sound device, which plays contemporary electronic music through music robots. In the performance, the artist is still present on stage controlling and interacting with the machine. The performance was developed together with electronica pioneers "Mouse On Mars" and is visually accompanied by a VJ-setup. File under: #madscience #bass #robots!


Electronic music producer Damiano, alias Mudaze, started his project in early December 2015, which marked the beginning of a new attempt to create a unique sound merging all his influences. Constantly extending his repertoire, Mudaze is passionate about the connection between jazz, classic and electronic music, which is reflected in his captivating and eclectic soundscapes.

24H LAB feat. DAS RADIAL & André Mergenthaler (LU):

Initiated by Rocklab, the 24H Lab brings together two artists from two very different musical horizons. After the success of Glittersberg, featuring Sun Glitters and Lisa Berg, the duo Chook and Pascal Schumacher, or Napoleon Gold and Maxime Bender, Rocklab has invited experimental electronic music producer-performer DAS RADIAL and renowned cellist André Mergenthaler to join forces this year. The two artists will take up residency at Rocklab in spring 2018 to work on a shared musical composition, which will be originally presented during a showcase at this year’s 24 Heures Electroniques edition.


TRFFL CLB will host a vinyl-only DJ-set, presenting you not only the finest selection of ambient and experimental music, but also some danceable house, minimal and techno tunes throughout the entire evening.

E-LODIE - 100,7 LIVE RADIO BROADCAST all night long:

E-Lodie, your weekly show on radio 100,7 with new, adventurous releases, is exploring the various fields of electronic music. From the darkest sweat-soaked techno-clubs to the studios of the weirdest producers of experimental and cosmic avant-garde, through vibrating fields of synthetic soundscapes and mystic forests of kicks, snares and handclaps. This year, the 24 Heures Electroniques will be broadcasted live from the Rockhal all night long.

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