Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rockhalcafe: Standing

Rockhal Rockhalcafe

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: Free Entrance

Show: 20.30 hrs
Doors: 20.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal


Monogrenade and their modern pop/post-rock toured France, charming crowds at the FrancoFolies, and were finalists in the Francouvertes last year. Since then, they've signed a record deal and released their first album « Tantale ». This year, the Canadian foursome heads our way for a free showcase concert at the Rockhalcafe. Pull the pin and stand back!

Formed by Marianne Houle, François Lessard, Mathieu Collette and Jean-Michel Pigeon, Monogrenade first saw the light of day when Pigeon took a big step by unveiling his compositions. Composing a total of 8 songs together, in 2009, Monogrenade presented their first EP “La saveur des fruits” which was very well received by the critics and the public. Carefully produced but lively, varied arrangements… "Queb" industry, take note: this is how we make modern pop in 2009, exclaimed Nightlife Magazine, shortly after their discovery of the EP. Afterwards, Christophe Collette, Mathieu's brother, directed a breath-taking stop-motion video for the song “Ce soir”. The video became a viral hit and has gained over 175 000 views! Not bad for a first clip from an unknown band!

In 2010, the band signed a record deal and participated in Les Francouvertes where they reached third place. Taking advantage from the exposure of the contest, the band ended the year with a few concerts throughout the province, with a notable intimate FrancoFolies concert, on a starry night in front of an attentive and charmed crowd. In November of 2010, they took part in the M for Montreal event and gave an amazing performance. The French delegates who were present were completely blown away and the band received countless offers to play in France. Surprised and happy, the band pursued the recording of their first album, which was released on March 1st on Bonsound Records.

Their exciting melodies, haunting rhythms and aerial pop create a unique and eclectic assortment that will certainly please you. To discover all the intricacies of the fruity universe of Monogrenade, nothing is better than to see them playing live at the Rockhalcafe on 30 October 2012. Bring along your friends, grab a drink and enjoy another free showcase concert!

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