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Club & Rockhalcafe: Standing

Rockhal Club & Rockhalcafe

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 17 € + 1,7 € presale fee (for 1 day ticket Saturday)

Show: 19.30 hrs
Doors: 19.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal



The Rockhal is proud to present the 5th anniversary edition of SONIC VISIONS. What's it all about? - It's a conference dedicated to all of you that share the experience of being involved in the music industry no matter at what level. BUT it's mainly about discovering new exciting bands. So get ready for two days of fresh new music. Further information on

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WELLBAD - 20h00 (Club)
“The Blues is the Roots, everything else is the Fruits” Willie Dixon. This motto has become the Leitmotiv for WellBad. Since 2009 Welbat aka WellBad is rocking trough Germany and can be considered as a blues act for people of all ages. His songs are inspired from such great blues musicians and compositors like Willie Dixon, The Black Key, Eels and Tom Waits. In 2010 Daniel WellBad produced the Soundtrack for the motion picture “Vater Morgana”. This 23 years singer old has the soul of an angel and the voice of a man that could sign with Motown records on the spot.

SEED TO TREE - 20h30 (Rockhalcafe)
The Seed to Tree live sound was recently described as Luxembourg’s answer to Fleet Foxes! Certainly their music evokes a similar folk-pop-rock passion with mesmerising and sweeping melodies. Despite the trio all hailing from Luxembourg the music proves mystifying for listeners unable to pin down just where to place Seed to Tree in the genre spectrum, although many do say their tunes have a slight Irish slant and feel to them. Added to that the haunting and thought-provoking lyrics provide an extra dimension to the band’s quality songs. It’s no wonder those that hear Seed to Tree for the first time become hooked and keep returning for more.

MONOPHONA - 21h00 (Club)
When Claudine and Chook first started discussing a common musical project in 2010, they came from completely different worlds. He had discovered DJ-ing as a teenager and soon made a name for himself not only as a turntable artist, but also as a drum&bass producer; she was a singer-songwriter touring with a folk-rock band. The result of their collaboration is Monophona is a blend of two extremes, electronic and intimate, melodic and innovative. On stage, the line-up is completed by percussionist Jorsch, equally at home in both musical worlds. Their first single "Give up" is released in September 2012. The album will be out in November.

SAY YES DOG - 21h30 (Rockhalcafe)
Transmitting stellar warmth into the sonosphere since late 2011, Say Yes Dog's music displays the oceanic, mineral breeze of their current home-shore The Hague in the Netherlands. Aaron Ahrends, Paul Rundel and Pascal Karier melt oozing synth-scapes and meandering time-signatures into pieces reminiscent of Fink, Miike Snow or James Blake. Their songs provide kaleidoscopic vistas; guitar becomes bass, drums are melodic and vocals riffy. Festival appearances this summer saw them confirming their potential as a live-act on a transcontinental scale and if you want to be their future, don't regret what you will see.

ROLO TOMASSI - 22h00 (Club)
Rolo Tomassi may have been referred to as the north of Englands best kept secret, although they' re not going to be a secret for much longer.What is there to say about this band? They simply defy description, but we'll give it a go - there's elements of punk, hardcore, post-rock, electronica, jazz and full on metal.  It's an aural assault, but of the hippest, knowing kind, and in frontwoman Eva, they posess the most natural star to emerge from the UK underground in years.  In November, they will release their third studio album “Astraea” which includes some of the most direct, heaviest tracks the band has ever written.

NATAS LOVES YOU - 22h30 (Rockhalcafe)
Natas Loves You is the most French band from Luxembourg. Living in Paris, these 5 musicians have been hugely successful there (selling out the Bus Palladium and Maroquinerie venues). They play psychedelic bossa nova where the spirit of Gainsbourg, Grizzly Bear and even the Beatles reign supreme. The EP released in March 2011 revealed their profound creativity and new songs are eagerly awaited.

CLOCK OPERA - 23h00 (Club)
Clock Opera, have this wonderful tendency to sound like their music combines real memories and made up memories, strong memories and shredded memories, and some sense of the mental and physical reality of a classic surprising pop song. Their latest album is full of romance and recollections, re-enactments and speculations, memory and mystery, machine generated mood and human thought. Their name just fits as it juxtaposes one thing with another, just like their music and their lyrics, which lead to all sorts of sonic, literal and conceptual reverberations. Prepare to be bowled over.

- 23h30 (Rockhalcafe)
These five boys from Vienna were fed up with bands sounding like Beach Boys‘ Brian Wilson was kidnapped and forced to produce an album with a guitar from the supermarket and a broken tape recorder. After their debut album, the second coming is delivering densly woven indie-pop, with more bombast and integrity. Obsessed with all details of arrangement and production FRANCIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT became skillfull studio-geeks still preserving their love for catchy tunes with melancholic ambience.

DJANGO DJANGO - 24h00 (Club)
The quartet, who met at art school in Edinburgh, first came to peoples' attentions after a gradual migration to London a couple of years back. Their 2009 double single "Storm"/"Love's Dart" laid the blueprint for a confident, adventurous and psychedelically-bruised strain of art-rock that melds intangible electronic additions. Their latest album “Django Django” is a dream of the psychedelic tropics, a heady explosion of colours one that takes what it means to be in an indie band and gives it a good shake. Think a combination of Tool and Rammstein going really avant garde. Time to pay them a visit at the Sonic Visions Festival.

- 00h45 (Rockhalcafe)
Of the small group of bands now emerging out of Luxembourg, Hal Flavin may be the most individual yet. What you get is an edgy electro-rock band, grit, dirt and all, who hang their stage with a futuristic dangle of cables, effects and finery, as if prepared for some strange ritual of the soul. The blood flowing through those jacks and data chips seems pumped from the Indie and Electro-roots of their teens, with live energy to match. The band is currently planning a series of releases for 2013.

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