Saturday, 23 November 2013

Rockhal: Standing

Rockhal Rockhal

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 39,- € + 3,9 € presale fee (for 1 day ticket Saturday)

Show: 19.30 hrs
Doors: 19.00 hrs

Organized by: Den Atelier & Rockhal


The Rockhal is proud to present the 6th anniversary edition of SONIC VISIONS. What's it all about? - It's a conference dedicated to all of you that share the experience of being involved in the music industry no matter at what level. BUT it's mainly about discovering new exciting bands. So get ready for two days of fresh new music. Brought to you by Den Atelier, SIGUR ROS will play the Rockhal on Saturday 23 November. More acts will be confirmed soon! Check out Friday's Line-Up here.


ALVIN AND LYLE - 19h45 (Club)
Alvin and Lyle is a solo producer who writes and produces music in a basement in Luxembourg. Although Alvin and Lyle might sound like a name more fitting for a 1950's surf-pop duo, there is a glo-fi dancey dream-pop feel to his sound. The blurry, funky retro-sound hopefully leaves you yearning a sun drenched coastal drive on an endless summer road. But his journey is a new one and with only two live shows to date and 3 EPs to his name, Alvin and Lyle hope to continue creating hazed-out melodic music through a debut album to be released towards the end of the year.

WE ARE MATCH - 20h00 (Rockhalcafe)
You probably don't know We Are Match so far. However "le tout paris" talk already about them. Finalist of the inrock lab in 2012, the quality of their pop songs, bang on trend made them actually one of the most expected bands from France. The fragility of Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes combined with the rhythms and melodies of ALT-J and FOALS. With a first Ep planned for end of October and the single "Violet", We Are Match have already started the run for the most listened single of your playlist 2014...

SYNTHESIS - 20h30 (Tent)
The fresh Trip-Pop duo from Luxembourg is the collaboration between Deborah Lehnen (vocals - synthesizers) and Michael Galetto (drum machines - synthesizers) aka [vwaz] which have been evolving in many side-projects since the early 00's. Very inspired by the sounds of 80's, Hip Hop, Soul and Electronic music, they created a universe of their own, by mixing heavy beats, samples and soulful vocals.  [vwaz] is creating songs that remind you of movie soundtracks. 'Short and eclectic' might be the point of order. Combined with Deborah Lehnen’s voice, Synthesis is the perfect mix between pop, underground & experimental electronic music. Their debut EP “Human” is out now!

I BREAK HORSES - 20h30 (Main Hall)
I Break Horses is the nom de plume of Maria Lindén and her musical partner Fredrik Balck. Lindén, possibly the most diminutive and unassuming person one could ever wish to meet, is transformed on record to appear 10 ft tall: a shit kicker in high-fidelity. And, perhaps where contemporaries would hypnotize the listener into their world by sheer volume alone, I Break Horses lock firmly onto the very thing that makes each and every one of us ‘tick’. Our pulse. Our Hearts. The common thread that links their music together; always present, always beating. The single "Denial" ist out now. A beautifully crafted song with dream-like vocals and a great melody. I Break Horses are brought to you by Den Atelier.

FARAO - 20h30 (Tent)
Norweigian songstress Farao first appeared in January with a free download of haunting track 'Forces'. Her fragile and otherworldly tone instantly connected with the media, picking up tastemaker support from The Line Of Best Fit's editor-in-chief, Rich Thane and radio support as Lauren Laverne's 'MPFree track of the day' on her BBC 6music show. Farao released her new single "Tell a Lie" on November 4th. Farao has described the single as "A song about the effects of dishonesty on a relationship."

GIRLS IN HAWAII - 20h45 (Club)
Following their Great Escape shows and release of EP, Misses, Belgian sextet, Girls In Hawaii, released their new album, ‘Everest’ on September 16th 2013. The album was preceded by single, Not Dead. The band have previously released two albums, to critical acclaim in central Europe however, this will be the first UK release. The upcoming release follows the tragic loss of drummer Denis Wielemans in 2010, which, understandably so, led the band to take an extended break. The band tentatively regrouped for a live show in 2010 at Belgium’s Deep in the Woods Festival and, fired up with their live reunion, thankfully set upon recording live together again. Heading to an ancient Manor near Paris, they recorded a new album in three sessions and handed over to Grammy-winning producer Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Gomez). Girls in Hawaii was always meant to be an adventure, an exploration, a minor epic that would begin in a bedroom and take them as far as they could go.

ANTIMATTER PEOPLE - 21h00 (Rockhalcafe)
The origins of modern psychedelic five-piece Antimatter People came from the mind of musician and songwriter Yehan Jehan, who has been composing songs under the moniker Antimatter People since 2005. Antimatter People's sound takes a refreshing approach to rock psychedelia. Taking influences from classical music, rock, hip hop beats, and film composition, Antimatter People have developed an eclectic and incredibly accomplished sound for a band so early on in their career. Prepare for them to completely blow you away during their performance at Sonic Visions!

SIGUR ROS - 21h30 (Main Hall)
Iceland’s ethereal Sigur Rós back in Luxembourg! The band’s mind-blowingly atmospheric live shows are alternately sung in Icelandic and "Hopelandic," a language they invented. Sigur Rós is meaningful art, inspired from the land of ice, one of the most scenically beautiful spots on the planet. Sigur Rós is touring the world in 2013 with a new live show, stunning visuals, an 11-piece live band and new material besides all their classics. Sigur Ros are brought to you by Den Atelier.

OK KID - 22h15 (Tent)
Ok Kid was formerly known as Jona:S and formed in Gissen, Germany... Now located in Cologne, they are signed to Four Music/Sony and release their debut album in spring 2013. Their style which they describe as "Broken Pop" is influenced by the direct honesty of Rap and the analogue synthesizers of Radiohead and Massive Attack. They sing in German about their observations on today's multi-optional society. Somehow, the kids are ok. But what will they do about it?

DEAR READER - 23h15 (Rockhalcafe)
The young artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, will introduce you to her intimate universe with the enchanting music of her new album "Rivonia". Cherilyn MacNeil is a singer, compositor and songwriter and will come to Luxembourg with a new album full of charm. With a voice comparable to Kate Bush, she will surprise you and bring you closer to her world of pop and folk pleasure. Her latest record “Rivonia” includes original songs and a whole lot of South African history. After the dense textures of 2010’s Brent Knopf helmed “Idealistic Animals,” MacNeil chose to focus on a few key elements: voice, piano, percussion and recorded much of the album in her own apartment, bringing in friends to perform the parts she’d constructed alone with little more than her voice.

Scottish rock band Frightened Rabbit are known for their ferocious live shows, exposing a raw vulnerability not many of their contemporaries have. Their fourth long player Pedestrian Verse was released earlier this year to acclaim: Time called it "a richer variety of sounds than the band has ever presented before", and we fell hard for their single "Background Skulls". Luckily for us, the band is not making us wait too long for new music, they just announced a new EP, Late March, Death March out now.

NATAS LOVES YOU - 23h30 (Tent)
The band members met at a french grammar school in Luxembourg and come from Luxembourg, Spain, the US, France and Finland. Their music is influenced by the Beatles flirting with psychedelic Bossa Nova, Passion Pit and Grizzly Bear. Natas Loves You play warm, bright and colorful pop using guitars, vocal harmonies, samples and keyboards. Their first album will be released in 2014 and is produced by Chris Zane (Friendly Fires, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Les Savy Fav).

BOTTLED IN ENGLAND - 00h15 (Rockhalcafe)
Bottled in England is a duo from Copenhagen (DK) generating a high-tension energy field of hand-played drum'n'bass and dubstep that fuses technical excellence with the fierceness and recklessness of cyberpunk. In addition to the charismatic frontman Daniel Vognstrup, who takes care of bass and electronics, Bottled in England also constists of the drummer, August Dyrborg, who by using his impressive skills, takes the music to a much more human level. This makes witnessing the band live a unique and extraordinary experience, with a guarenteed party. It is an act bringing something new to the table and they can create a live-preformed high quality bass rave like nobody else. Live on stage they invite a strong team of vocalists, MCs and other musicians.

Mutiny On The Bounty are enjoying European-wide critical acclaim to their brilliant new album "Trials", delivering their own unique brand of Minus The Bear/Fall Of Troy-esque  ‘math-rock’. The Matt Bayles (Mastodon/Fall Of Troy/Pearl Jam) produced album, recorded in Seattle, shows the band at their best balancing cutting, aggressively edged guitars, soaring melodies with new electronic elements, while always keeping an organic feel to their complex musical delivery. Last summer, the band played numerous festival across Europe sharing the stage with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Refused. On stage MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is a force to reckon that will leave the crowd of the Sonic Visions tongue-tied.

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