Tuesday, 2 July 2013

EXIT07: Standing

Rockhal EXIT07

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 16,- € + 1,6 € presale fee

Show: 21.30 hrs
Doors: 21.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal


This show is taking place at EXIT07 in Luxembourg-Hollerich! Directions can be found here.


The Rockhal presents at EXIT07, the band from Montreal: SUUNS. With their first album released in 2011 “Zeroes QC”, a perfect mix between indie rock and electro music, they have been voted as best new band by the British weekly magazine NME. Now, they are back on the radar of their fans with their new album “Images Du Futur” and on 2 July 2013 they will make a stopover at EXIT07 in Luxembourg-Hollerich.

It didn't take long for Montreal's Suuns to resurface with a second full length, Images Du Futur, and, as one would anticipate, this latest exploration takes on even greater visceral depths. At the outset it appears we're still ensconced in the warehouse, whether it's the grinding opening explosives of "Powers of Ten" or the crude, ominous rise-and-fall riffs in "2020".

At this juncture it's clear that Suuns are a different beast now. They're tighter, slicker, and even more calculating in their approach. It's no surprise after more than a year of touring North America and three trips overseas. In 2012 they returned to the jam space. Set against the backdrop of the student manifestations, they built on their new songs and started writing and rehearsing a bank of new ones in January.

Suuns took to the studio in May, and again in September, with Breakglass producer Jace Lasek. The end result is a profound sense of poise, not only from their sound, but in their creative vision. They've been praised in the past for their compelling restraint, their ability to morph the sonic mood within a song, and this type of shape-shifting is taken to new dimensions in the slick, opiate-laden swells of "Edie's Dream." It has a fetching swagger, a dream-state motion that unifies the album and offers a soothing interlude to the harder edges sculpted earlier on.

Whether “Images Du Futur” is fuelled by the long hours on the road or the pulse of Montreal's social uprisings, it still boasts the typical Suuns-wrought iron, expanding even further on the deep-house-Detroit textures, electronic plunges and layered guitar squalls. The upbeat drums and chants of "Sunspot" are initially reminiscent of earlier call-to-arms anthems, but then venture into spare repetition and temporary collisions of pedals and fuzz.

Suuns will be perfroming live at Exit07 in Luxembourg-Hollerich on 2 July 2013, don't miss them!

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