Friday, 7 November 2008 20:30 Uhr Age: 13 yrs

CLEAN STATE Release Party


1 November 2008 will see the release of “Dead Angel Factory”, the latest album by the Luxembourg group Clean State. For the occasion, the group is preparing a stratospheric Release Party, high in decibels and cutting riffs, with Abstract Rapture and also the Dutch group Cypher. And as a special guest: the German group Deadlock! Celebrate this new album in the style it merits!

Clean State (Metal – Lux)
An integral part of the Luxembourg metal scene, Clean State is one of those groups which have developed as the new millennium gets under way. Now we have this new album to prove it. Modern, powerful but still amazingly organic, “Dead Angel Factory”, perhaps mistakenly called a concept album, is also a reflection of the five personalities who make up the group, which assumes its entire dimension once it is on stage and when it is transformed into a veritable steamroller. After sharing the stage with big names like Machine Head, Biohazard, Pro Pain and Black Bomb A, this new album takes them up another notch!

Abstract Rapture (Lux) also recently celebrated the release of their new album entitled “Democadencia.”  Since then they have continued to perform throughout the region dispensing their trash metal with a well above average technique. Blessed with one of the most impressive rhythm sections, Abstract Rapture are always ready to prove that the stage is their fiefdom and that it is on stage that the difference is made!

Cypher (NL) is a Dutch group which, in 2006, released an album entitled “Darkday Carnival”. And from the two pieces on their myspace site it is easy to see straight away that this is extremely serious stuff! With a rough voice which screams its rage and its despair, a bass which roars and a guitar which tears the music apart, Cypher is impressive in the power it exudes!

Deadlock (D) are the special guest for the evening. Presented as “Germany’s next top metal”, this group seems to have all that is needed to go into orbit at this early stage in an already promising career. Its originality? Undeniably effective melodic compositions sustained by two exceptional voices: the very serious voice of Johannes Prem and the softer tones of the beautiful Sabine Weniger. A sort of Lacuna Coil or Sirenia but more powerful and much more metal! On the Lifeforce Records label since 2005, the group will be releasing its eagerly awaited album in the autumn. It is the occasion to be in Luxembourg for this great Release Party!

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