Saturday, 4 May 2019 19:00 Uhr Age: 223 days



In the framework of its activities, Rocklab brings together artists from very different musical horizons on a regular basis, hence inciting collaboration and exchange between different genres and musicians from Luxembourg. After the success of former collaborations featuring artists like Pascal Schumacher, Chook, Napoleon Gold, Maxime Bender, DAS RADIAL, André Mergenthaler, Lisa Berg and Sun Glitters, Rocklab has invited eclectic electronic music producer Mudaze and the talented drummer Pit Dahm to join forces this year.

The two artists will take up residency at Rocklab in spring 2019 to work on a shared musical composition, which will be originally presented during a showcase at this year’s Nuit de la Culture in Esch. From lush field recordings to rich aquatic samples, both artists will take you on a unique sonic ride dedicated to the many sounds of water in all its facets.


Electronic music producer Damiano, alias Mudaze, started his project in early December 2015, which marked the beginning of a new attempt to create a unique sound merging all his influences. Constantly extending his repertoire, Mudaze is passionate about the connection between jazz, classic and electronic music, which is reflected in his captivating and eclectic soundscapes. Mudaze played shows at Sonic Visions Music Lab & Festival in 2018 and has supported artists like Petit Biscuit or Hippie Sabotage to name but a few.


Pit Dahm:

Pit Dahm is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. After following a full curriculum of music courses at the Conservatory of Luxembourg, he moved to Amsterdam and Brussels, pursuing further studies on the drums and learning from the likes of Martijn Vink or Gerhard Jeltes among others. In addition Pit leads the Pit Dahm Trio, an acoustic trio uniting composed and free improvised music. The musicians manage to blend different emotions, feelings, thoughts and instincts into a coherent musical picture and released their first album “Omicron” through Hevhetia (SK) in 2016.


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