Rockhal closed until further notice. Read more here.

COVID-19 Updates

From Monday 8 June 2020, the Patient Reception Centre at the Rockhal will close its doors permanently. If you suspect that you are infected with COVID-19, contact your general practitioner via teleconsultation and, in case of emergency, go to a hospital emergency room. You will find all information at www.sante.lu.

Rockhal closed until further notice

Following the government’s decision announced April 15th to ban large events, all shows planned at the Rockhal until the 31st of July will not take place.

If a show is rescheduled, tickets remain valid for the new date.

If a show is cancelled, tickets will be automatically reimbursed to the credit card used if bought via our website. For all other tickets, refunds will be available from the point of purchase.

We are following the situation very closely and will update our website regularly. All ticket buyers will be informed by email of any changes concerning their concert.

Can we kindly ask you not to call us? Please check out our agenda to stay informed.

The Rocklab rehearsal rooms have reopened on Monday 6th July. The meeting rooms, co-working area and the dance room will remain closed until further notice. Further information can be found here.

We thank you for your understanding.

As a consequence, the agenda of the Rockhal will change as follows:

Date Concert Status
12.03 Kontra K Postponed to 04.12.2021
13.03 Kid Francescoli Postponed to 21.01.2021
17.03 Pomme Cancelled
18.03 The Grund Club Show New date TBC
19.03 Boulevard des Airs Cancelled
20.03 GIMS Postponed to 01.12
21.03 Party like Gatsby Cancelled
22.03 Scarlxrd Cancelled
25.03 Therapy? Postponed to 03.05.2021
25.03 Maluma Postponed to 17.06.2021
28.03 Kyan Khojandi Postponed to 13.01
28.03 Loopstation Postponed to 03.10
29.03 Salvador Sobral Postponed to 26.11
01.04 Dadju Postponed to 11.10
03.04 Claudio Capéo Cancelled
04.04 Pineway New date TBC
05.04 Bumblefoot Cancelled
07.04 Future Producer Postponed to 03-04.11.2020
07.04 Sean Paul New date TBC
09.04 Salmo Postponed to 04.11
10.04 Dub Inc Postponed to 01.04.2021
10.04 - 12.04 Flashdance - Das Musical Cancelled
11.04 Profjam Cancelled
13.04 Parkway Drive Postponed to 03.04.2021
16.04 Marie-Flore Cancelled
19.04 The Music of Hans Zimmer Postponed to 07.03.2021
19.04 The Lord of the Rings & the Hobbit Postponed to 07.03.2021
20.04 Jojo Mayer/Nerve Postponed to 20.10
25.04 IAM Postponed to 18.09
26.04 Evanescence + Within Temptation Postponed to 24.09.2021
27.04 - 22.05 24h Electro for Kids New date TBC
27.04 Deathstars Postponed to 14.10
28.04 Liveurope Showcase New date TBC
30.04 JBO Postponed to 25.02
03.05 Typh Barrow Postponed to 15.10
04.05 Nate Wood - fOUR Postponed to 30.11
06.05 Conan Gray Cancelled
07.05 47ter Postponed to 05.11
07.05 Steffen Henssler 07.05.21
08.05 Blaya Cancelled
08.05 Le Lac des Cygnes Postponed to 27.02
09.05 Metal Battle New date TBC
14.05 Videoclub Postponed to 27.09
15.05 Rock Against Cancer Postponed to 12.03.21
16.05 Conception Postponed to 16.04.21
17.05 Camille et Julie Berthollet Postponed to 05.02.21
20.05 YES Postponed to 09.05.21
21.05 A day to Remember New date TBC
21.05 Gianna Nannini New date TBC
26.05 - 29.05 Be a Hearo New date TBC
03.06 Cat Power New date & venue: 02.06.21 @ Atelier
07.06 AÏDA New date TBC
09.06 The Offspring 09.06.2021
12.06 PNL Postponed to 18.02.2021
12.06 - 14.06 Francofolies Postponed to 11.06 - 13.06.2021
16.06 Gojira Cancelled
17.06 Periphery Cancelled
22.06 Body Count ft. Ice-T Cancelled
23.06 Devin Townsend + Meshuggah Cancelled
28.06 Killswitch Engage Cancelled
29.06 Simple Minds Postponed to 28.06.2021
02.07 Sting Postponed to 14.06.2021
05.07 Agnes Obel Postponed to 09.07.2021
08.07 The Marcus King Band New date TBC
09.07 Volbeat Cancelled
11.07 Alicia Keys New date TBC
15.07 Jessie J Cancelled
18.07 Ozuna New date TBC
08.09 Hollywood Vampires New Date TBC
17.09 Laura Cox Postponed to 14.04.2021
08.10 Helloween Postponed to 28.05.2021
10.10 Deep Purple Postponed to 26.10.2021
22.10 Les Ogres de Barback Postponed to 28.05.2021
31.10 Legends of Rock Postponed to 09.10.2021
06.11 Zucchero Postponed to 25.06.2021
15.12 Loic Nottet Postponed to 08.04.2021

In general, you are referred to www.gouvernement.lu for more information on the coronavirus, behaviour and barrier gestures. The information is available in 5 languages (LU, FR, DE, EN, PT).

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