Main Hall


The Main Hall is a multi-functional show space. The flat base of the hall and the service grid covering the entire area ensure total flexibility of layout. A free height of 17 meters enables major events to be organised without set restrictions. Accessible to vehicles and machines up to 30 tonnes, rigging is simple and efficient. All equipment (stage, seating) is movable and adaptable to any desired configuration.



  • Capacity: maximum 6,500 places standing / 2,800 places seated; numerous configurations of stage and seating possible for virtually any type of event.
  • Dimensions : 64 m x 42 m x 17 m (free height beneath service grid).
  • Net surface area of  2,625 m².
  • Black matt acoustic covering of all walls; concrete floor.
  • Access: the entire area is accessible to heavy loads (one-off load charge maximum 30 t / 1,600 kg / m²) via 7 doors 5 m wide and 4.30 m high. On 3 fronts, all approaches accessible to heavy loads.
  • Service grid covering the entire area with a one-off load capacity of 2 tonnes in a module of 2.50 m x 2.50 m. Circulation on the service walkway (free height 3.20 m).
  • Double level (9.20 m and 12.40 m) of service walkways over the entire periphery (width of 2.50 m longitudinally and 3.20 m transversally); these walkways are accessible via stairs and lift; they also provide a direct link between the logistics zone and the administrative zone situated in the Music & Resources Center.
  • Axial service channel for the link to production.
  • Lift serving the walkways (3.30 m x 2.00 m, maximum load 1,600 kg).
  • Reverberation time in the main hall: 1.6 seconds.
  • Air conditioning.

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