House Rules

1. Scope

1.1 The current version of the House Rules governs the overall premises and buildings of the public institution ‘Centre de Musiques Amplifiées- Rockhal’ (hereinafter called “Rockhal”), including all accessing ways such as outdoors and free parking places (hereinafter called “facility”). The House Rules apply on event days as well as any other day for all employees, users and co-workers, and all visitors of the facility and any other person (hereinafter referred to as “visitor”,) regardless of why they enter the facility.

1.2 Breaches of the House Rules may lead up to an immediate eviction, an expulsion from an event or, in serious cases, to a permanent ban on entering the premises.

2. Objectives of the House Rules

It is the House Rules’ aim to:

·       prevent the endangering or damages caused to persons or property.

·       ensure that the events run smoothly,

·       Protect the arena from any damage or contamination.

3. House Regulations

The public institution “Centre de Musiques Amplifiées- Rockhal” (hereinafter called “operator”) exerts the House Rules within the entire facility. During events, the manager and/or the commissioned security staff exert the House Regulations.


4. Entry and presence of visitors during events

4.1 During events, entry and presence in the Rockhal is only possible upon presentation of a valid entry ticket or a valid pass for the event. While in the Rockhal venue, every visitor must carry their ticket which they may have to show or hand in for verification upon request by the venue operator or the security staff. Event passes must be worn visibly at all times. The validity and usability of the entry ticket are liable to the general terms and conditions for the purchase of entry tickets from the respective event organisers.

4.2 Visitors who enter the Rockhal without a valid ticket or pass will be evicted from the premises promptly and without further explanation.

4.3 Tickets are no longer valid upon leaving the Rockhal, unless they were “scanned” by the organiser or the authorised personnel and thus registered as valid for re-entry in the access control system.

4.4 The security staff is authorised to carry out searches on persons – also by implementing technical aids- to find out whether they pose a security risk due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or carry banned objects as listed under section 6. The security staff may also request the submission of identity documents should there be any indication of the presence of banned objects as listed under section 6, or that the person concerned is subject to a ban on entering the premises.

4.5 Children and young people under the age of 16 may only enter the arena if accompanied by a parent or an adult with parental power. A parental consent form has to be filled out and brought to the show. The parental consent form can be downloaded here. Both should be in possession of a valid entry ticket. Carers or persons with parental power are responsible for keeping a watch on them. Non accompanied children under the age of 16 are not allowed inside the venue. Children under the age of 6 are fundamentally only allowed to attend events in the company of an authorised adult. For parties the minimum age is 16. We recommend an adapted ear protection for all our younger visitors.


5. Entry denial

5.1 Visitors who
•    refuse to cooperate during control measures
•    don’t follow the security staff‘s instructions
•    are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs
•    are visibly ready to use violence or incite acts of violence
•    are subject to a ban on entering the premises
•    visibly intend to disrupt the event or
•    carry proscribed objects as listed under section 6

shall be denied entry to the Rockhal or evicted from the premises without having their tickets refunded.

5.2 Visitors shall be denied entry due to official requirements or for safety reasons.

6. Banned objects

6.1 Visitors entering the facility are not allowed to carry any of the following objects:

·       Weapons of any kind;

·       Objects that could be used as weapons or projectiles;

·       Laptops/ notebooks, IPads/tablets, tripods and so-called “selfie-sticks”;

·       Aerosol spray cans, corrosive or staining substances or pressurised containers with easily flammable or health-damaging gases, excluding customary lighters;

·       Gas bottles/containers, bottles, cans, plastic canisters, hard-shell packages or any other items made of glass or breakable, splintering or items made of particularly hard material;

·       Pyrotechnic material/products such as fireworks, Bengal flames, smoke bombs, flares, sparklers, etc.;

·       Flammable objects, bars, sticks (except crutches for persons with limited mobility and under presentation of a limited mobility identification document) etc.;

·       Clothes, emblems, symbols, posters and other objects which may spark racist, xenophobic, right or left-wing radical opinions, or propaganda, or are prohibited in public places.

·       Bulky items such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, cases, suitcases, large bags, backpacks, buggies;

·       Laser pens

·       Drugs as stated in the Federal Narcotics Law Act.

·       Any type of food; exception made for visitors who have to carry food and beverage for health reasons, provided they are in possession of medical evidence. Likewise, babies and toddlers are exempt from the aforementioned prohibition.

·       Pets of any kind.

·       Umbrellas, backpacks, bags and the like.


7. Conduct:

7.1 Each visitor is bound to collaborate, especially in case of a clearance or evacuation process.

7.2 Visitors must behave in such a manner that no person is harmed or put at risk or impaired to a greater extent than is inevitable under the circumstances. Everyone must follow the instructions set by the security staff, especially the police, fire-fighters and the event manager. Announcements must be observed and instructions must be followed.

7.3 Visitors shall be seated at the assigned places and use public access points. Out of safety reasons and in order to avert hazards, visitors are required to follow the security staff or the police instructions and take other seats than the ones originally indicated on their tickets.

7.4 Any objects found on the premises should be handed over to the security staff.

7.5 Injuries or property damage must be promptly reported to the operator or the security staff.

7.6 All technical equipment such as fire alarms, hydrants, power distribution points and switchboards, telephone switchboards as well as heating and ventilation systems must be kept accessible and unaltered. All entrances and exits as well as escape routes and emergency exits are to be kept clear at all times.

8. Prohibited conduct:

8.1. It is not allowed to
•    smoke outside the areas indicated and labelled (“Smokers”) to that effect in the premises of the Rockhal, the aforementioned prohibition also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes (aka. “e-cigarettes”);
•    use the escape staircases, unless an evacuation process has been prompted;
•    enter any areas (for example: utility rooms, areas reserved to VIPs or the media, backstage etc.) which are not open to the public or to which access is not authorised;
•    throw objects or spill liquids of any kind
•    light up fires, fireworks, illuminants, smoke powders, smoke bombs, bengal flames, rockets, sparklers, or fire up or shoot other pyrotechnic objects;
•    distribute advertising material, printouts, flyers or carry out collections; 
•    write, draw, glue anything on the walls and structures or along the pathways or set up any type of object in the facility;
•    respond to nature’s call outside the sanitary installations, or litter the facility with objects of any kind, trash, packaging, empty containers and the like.
•    impair or block any circulation areas, walking and driving pathways, exits and entrances to the visitor sites and escape routes.

8.2. It is fundamentally not allowed to carry and use audio and video recording devices or photo and film cameras (especially interchangeable-lens cameras.) Exceptional cases will be subject to a number of regulations set up by the event organiser.

8.3. It is not allowed to make sound or video recordings, to transfer or share them through the internet or by way of any other medium (Social media), or provide access to them or use them for any commercial activity, unless otherwise authorised by the operator, the organiser, or the artist him/herself.

8.4 Resale tickets are prohibited and are invalidated on being known by the event organiser or the operator. Returns, reimbursements and warranty claims are hereby excluded.

8.5 The operator has the exclusive right to sell or give away merchandising items, food and beverages, and products of any kinds within the facility, or to transfer this right onto third parties.

9. Implementation of the House Rules

The operator and the appointed security staff shall ensure that the house rules are followed at their own discretion and in compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements. The organiser’s and operator’s right to claim compensation from the visitor remains unaffected.

10. Other

By entering the facility, visitors irrevocably agree to have their photos and voices used for photo, video and TV recordings (streaming, DVD recordings and the like) carried out by the operator, the event organiser or their appointed representatives in connection with the event at stake.

11. Liability

11.1 Visitors shall enter the facility at their own risk. The operator shall not be liable for any injury or property damages caused by third parties.

11.2 The liability of the operator, auxiliary persons and vicarious agents or organisers of any kind, shall be limited to intent and gross negligence, with the exception of personal injury in the cases stipulated by the law.

11.3 The operator’s or respective organisers’ liability shall be limited to compensation for foreseeable, typical damages, except in the case of fatal injury, body injury or health damages, and in the case of other damages due to intentional or gross negligence.

11.4 The operator shall not be liable for the loss of objects, except in cases caused by the staff’s culpable conduct.

11.5 Visitors shall be liable in accordance with legal requirements. Parents shall be liable for their children.

11.6 During events, increased volumes may constitute a hearing and health hazard. The owner and his agents shall only be liable for any hearing or health damages within the statutory framework so far as they can be charged with intent or gross negligence.

11.7 Deviations and arrangements concluded in written form between the operator and the visitor shall have primacy over the aforementioned regulations.  

11.8 Damages or casualties shall be promptly reported to the operator.

12. Final Clauses

12.1 The present House Rules are effective as of 24.03.2016.

12.2 The aforementioned House Rules may be subject to modification brought by the operator at any time and without further explanation. Each new clause replaces older clauses and as such invalidates them.

12.3 The present House Rules are openly displayed in the entrance hall of the facility and accessible via the Rockhal website (

12.4 The present House Rules are provided in French, German, and English. In case of doubt, the French version shall always apply.

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