vendredi, 27 octobre 2017

Club: Standing

Rockhal Club

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Prix: 29€ + 2,90€ presale fee

Doors : 20:00

Show : 20:30

Support: A.CHAL

Organized by Rockhal


Tickets will go on sale on Friday 26th May at 10:00!

Following the huge success of her debut album, Goddess, which sold 25,000 copies in its first week alone, Banks returns with her sophomore release, The Altar. This record is as vulnerable as it is powerful, raw and free as it is structured.

Gemini Feed opens the album, with Banks singing over a distant-sounding analogue piano before futuristic synths lurch into the frame, as if she’s revving up a machine from out of space, completely in control. The verse builds with two entwined vocal melodies, illuminating the duplicity in the title of the song. It explodes like fireworks into a bouncing, addictive chorus with layered chords deep enough to lose yourself in.

While Goddess focused on production and sound, The Altar centers on Banks’ voice and her potent songwriting. This time around she was drawn to instrumentals that supported what she was writing and needed to express; led by lyrics, melody and her voice, instead of composition. “It’s pure emotion and gut instinct,” she explains.

The Altar shows a new side of an artist who is ready to be seen, to take up space. After a crazy few years of acclaim and success, she’s become used to the limelight. Banks explains, “In the past cameras were so new to me, it was somewhat overwhelming and made me feel more like retreating than attacking. In the “Fuck With Myself” video I was ready to bare it all and make it big, release it with guns blazing.”

The Altar is a depiction of a woman opening her inner life to the world through song. It is a fearless, empowering and very human work of art and evolution, about themes and experiences many can relate to - learning how to be a boss, how to be unapologetic about wants and needs, demanding respect. What a privilege to be privy to an artist sharing her life and soul with the world - especially when the songs are so damn good.

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