jeudi, 11 janvier 2018

Main Hall: Seated

Rockhal Main Hall

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361


55,30 - 100,20 EUR (plus presale fee)

Children up to (including) 14 years: 50% discount

Doors: 19:00

Show: 20:00

Organized by: BB Promotion


Language: English/German

The film is considered to be one of the most exciting dance films of all time, and the stage show based on the cinema hit has already impressed more than eight million visitors worldwide! In fact, 500,000 people saw it on the last tour in 2014/15 alone. Now, the butterflies of the first great love, as well as the memories of it, are back again with DIRTY DANCING! 

In addition to the original film songs, such as the “Time of My Life” or “Do You Love Me”, over fifty more titles accompany those first glances, the attempted approaches and touches of the attractive dancers, Johnny Castle and the naive teenager, Frances “Baby” Houseman.

The 28 performers dance to mambo, merengue and Cuban rhythms, become entertainers, waiters and hotel guests, and transport the audience into the heart of this world-famous love story in the Kellerman’s holiday resort, in the warm summer of 1963. 

DIRTY DANCING - The Original, Live On Tour is a unique live experience. Where else are you reminded of that first dance, that first kiss and the first great love of your life?


DIRTY DANCING brings the summer of ‘63 back to life in Kellerman’s resort in Catskill, New York. The shy Frances "Baby" Houseman is bored with spending time with grown-ups when on holiday with her parents until she loses her heart to the hotel’s magnetic dance teacher and show-dancer, Johnny Castle. This is followed by an emotional rollercoaster, conflicts have to be resolved among the young people, as well as between the generations, and the steps for the final dance of the holiday season have to be learned.

Passionate dance scenes, captivating songs and the emotional story electrify the audience – you can actually feel the crackling on the stage right up-close! 

Eleanor Bergstein is a script-writer, author, producer and director. Her most famous project, DIRTY DANCING, was one of the top five most successful films in 1987. The soundtrack was awarded the Diamond Record (and platinum eleven times) and is one of the best-selling albums in the history of music. The title, “Time of My Life”, sold by the million and was awarded an Oscar for Best Film Song and a Grammy for the Best Pop-Duet.

This success story inspired Bergstein to create a stage version of DIRTY DANCING, too – and this show is no less successful. In London’s West End the shows were completely sold out every evening for months and months on end.

To date, more than eight million people worldwide have seen DIRTY DANCING live on stage – from Australia, via North America, to Europe. 

Don't miss this lovely experience! 

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