mardi, 2 avril 2019

Club: Standing

Rockhal Club

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Prix: 35€ + 3,5€ presale fee

Doors: 20:00 Show: 20:45

Organized by Rockhal


Alex Callier is a happy man, and rightly so. On the one hand, ‘Looking for Stars’ offers vintage Hooverphonic with lead single ‘Romantic’, a sweeping instant classic steeped in John Barry lore for fans of ‘Anger Never Dies’. On the other hand, there are elusive, intriguing songs in the vein of ‘Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs’ and ‘Jackie’s Delirium’. ‘Looking for Stars’ meanders between triphop, James Bond, funk and programmed tracks. ‘Bands in the sixties released single after single, the eventual album came months later. Take ‘The White Album’: the rocking ‘Helter Skelter’ doesn’t sound out of place next to the folky ‘Rocky Raccoon’. There’s too much rigid thinking nowadays. In an ideal world, the listener creates his own playlist.’

Hooverphonic struck gold with Luka Cruysberghs. New singer, yet familiar sound: ‘Luka is integral to our story, she’s more than just ‘the next singer in line’. In a way, her voice dictates the songs we’ll be performing live. Luka has been chosen because she can pull off a lot of different Hooverphonic tracks. She’s got pipes.’

The title track and ‘Uptight’ are smashes in the making, and therefore the obvious singles. ‘Uptight’ offers phat 80s funk - killer dancefloor material for sure, but you can never put your finger on it. It’s impossible to predict what will catch on, and what won’t. Callier reckons ‘Paranoid Affair’ or ‘Concrete Skin’ have the potential to be even bigger hits: ‘‘Paranoid Affair’ is the ideal combination between a catchy melody and brooding melancholy. ‘Sleepless’ may be too dark for radio stations, though. Nowadays, everything has to be happy and fun-fun-fun. You can’t even tell your friends you’re having an off-day. But I really dig the song. There’s a certain duality in all our ditties. You can get away with it, if you infuse your work with black humour. ‘Romantic’ is not a romantic song, but you might mistake it for one. ‘We’re looking for stars, but we only find sugar’ points to a bigger underlying problem, but there’s an ironic upside to it. It’s quite funny to have a carefree, joyful, 17-year old girl singing: ‘I’m a horrible person’. It’s one of Luka’s very favourites.’

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