dimanche, 20 juin 2021

Rockhalcafé: Places Assises

Rockhal Rockhalcafé

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Prix: 5,00€ tous frais inclus

Horaires: Ouverture des portes: 14h00

Organisé par la Rockhal en collaboration avec CCSA & noc.turn


L'événement ELECTRONIC CHILL #1 initialement prévu le dimanche 20 juin et reporté à une date ultérieure doit malheureusement être finalement annulé. Il n'y aura ainsi pas de date de remplacement. Les billets achetés en ligne sur seront automatiquement remboursés.Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension et espérons vous revoir bientôt à la Rockhal.


En collaboration avec le Rockhalcafé, c’est à nouveau sous la canopée de sa terrasse arborée que le pop-up culturel Rockhal Garden accueillera une série de plus d'une vingtaine d'événements live en plein air à partir du vendredi 18 juin 2021. Le Rockhal Garden est "supported by" MINI Bilia-Emond

Les événements Electronic Chill sont une série de dimanches après-midi sous le signe des musiques électroniques, curetés par les meilleurs collectifs de musiques électroniques de la Grande Région. Objectif : Profiter du week-end avec de bonnes vibes et des atmosphères festives sous la canopée du Rockhal Garden.

Le dimanche 20 juin, le collectif CCSA - Conscious and Cultural Student Association ainsi que noc.turn seront à l'honneur. Au programme:

DJ and producer based in Luxembourg mainly focused on deep dub, steppas, and dubstep. He was first introduced into the dubstep scene in 2012 with artists such as Skism, Viruz Syndicate and Noizia. Since then he has developed a massive interest for the genres. In 2016 he started his dj career as the Elfman with Riddim in main focus. In association with collectives as "District of force" "Secret society" and has played/hosted multiple events in Luxembourg including "Hyperdelic Bass" and the "D.O.F" events where he played alongside artists like Ayonikz, Emilian Wonk and Mowog. He has also been invited to Prague, Czech Republic several times to play at "The Mandril" in The Netherlands. He has now taken a turn towards the oldskool scene where he is in the works right now fiddling with vinyl and starting a soundsystem building project with noc.turn.

Blazyous is an electronic music producer and dj from Luxembourg relocated in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Inspired by the underground breakbeat genres of the UK, Blazyous brings about a combination of the darkest bass music. From DNB to dubstep, Garage and two-step, his sets are bound to keep you jumping on your feet. Blazyous has also started his active involvement in noc.turn in April 2021 by composing the soundscape of an immersive audiovisual installation at Konschthal Esch

Delche is an electronic music producer and DJ from Belgium living near the Luxembourgish border. Member of the association Lucid's Soundsystem (Zinzinerie's resident), he plays various genres of music, from techno to acidcore through acid techno. He is very active in underground culture, playing often abroad (Kamikaze, Falanx, Fukushima,...).
Re-mx is a Belgian artist who evolves in the Underground cultural milieu and instrumental rap. Music has been his passion since the age of 13 and has taken a fundamental place in his artistic development. His personal and singular style is based on Tekno & Techno and minimal. His professional musical experience was enriched by his performances in the Belgitek, the Tour de Samme as well as through his collaborations with Emblematic Sound System, the Collectif Parachute and many others. With a lively and curious mind, Re-mx is constantly evolving in the musical world and constantly seeking new experiences. A true all-out electro-acoustician.

Boris Gueskine studied violin in Mons and Brussels, beforedeciding to direct his career towards Music Training (music theory lessons). He has the experience of a classical musician and has already participated as a soloist in Trip Hop, Hip Hop and Gypsy projects. Since the age of 5, he has been training in classical violin, jazz, gipsy, electro, and, as a student, has already tested his abilities as a violin teacher and in musical training in official and private establishments. He has a technique and a sensitivity influenced by Russian and Belgian schools, and by undoubtedly modern styles. Able to perform both sight-reading of artwork and improvisation in different styles, Boris has more than one string on his violin and a rich potential that he is keen to develop, both through studies and by performances as an instrumentalist-soloist for all-round musical groups.

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