Where can my gift voucher be used?
The gift voucher can be used as full or part payment in the purchase of all tickets for shows organized by Rockhal and for those shows organized by external promoters in the case that Rockhal is servicing the ticketing. The gift voucher cannot be used for tickets to events that are organized by external promoters that have not allocated tickets to the Rockhal ticketing system. The gift voucher can be redeemed online via our ETIX ticketing system and at our box office in case the show is organized by Rockhal. In case of any doubts please contact us in advance by email to tickets(at)rockhal.lu or +352 24 555 555.


What happens with the amount that rests on my gift voucher?
The remaining amount stays active on your gift voucher and can be used for future transactions within the period of validity.


Can I buy tickets using different types of payment?

Yes, you can. In case that e.g. the amount of your voucher is not enough to pay for the whole transaction you can pay the remaining amount by another valid means of payment.

How long can my gift voucher be used?

Your gift voucher is valid 36 months starting with the day of purchase. After that date it expires automatically.


Do I need to activate my gift voucher?

No, it’s automatically valid 24 hours after the purchase.

What happens if the gift voucher is lost or stolen?
Please contact us immediately
by email to tickets(at)rockhal.lu or +352 24 555 555. We will then block the voucher and void all tickets curently bought for shows happening from this day forward and reissue new tickets. After that we will reissue a new voucher with the remaining value.When contacing us you need to provide proof of purchase.


Will I be charged a fee to buy my gift voucher?

No, there are no transaction fees to make a purchase.


How do I receive my voucher?

After having purchased your voucher you receive an email with a link to print it out yourself.

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