Friday, 23 November 2012

Club & Rockhalcafe: Standing

Rockhal Club & Rockhalcafe

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 30,- € + 3 € presale fee (for 1 day ticket Friday)

Show: 19.30 hrs
Doors: 19.00 hrs

Organized by: Rockhal



The Rockhal is proud to present the 5th anniversary edition of SONIC VISIONS. What's it all about? - It's a conference dedicated to all of you that share the experience of being involved in the music industry no matter at what level. BUT it's mainly about discovering new exciting bands. So get ready for two days of fresh new music. Further information on

Saturday lineup click here


Concert entry is subject to venue capacity. So arrive early to avoid disappointment as some festival venues are smaller than others!


LOVE A - 19h30 (Rockhalcafe)
Minimalism and melody could describe the formula of Love A. Their songs are catchy and are not willing to let you loose. DIY and pop, spontaneity and reflexion, anger and doubt…Love A are celebrating the opposites nonetheless are never taking themselves to serious. Forever punk, yet also somehow further. A bit of indie, new wave, “Neue Deutsche Welle” and even pop. Since 2010.

AUSTRA - 20h00 (Rockhal Box)
Named after the Latvian goddess of light, Austra from Canada is featuring singer keyboardist Katie Stelmanis, drummer Maya Postepski and bassist Dorian Wolf. This band combines the high energy of electronic music with the up beat temp of pop sounds to form their signature electro-pop. Stelmanis is a classically trained vocalist and pianist who joined the Canadian Children’s Opera at age ten and intended on pursuing a career in classical music before falling in love with punk, industrial, and electronic music. Their 2011 release, “Feel It Break”, is suitable for both ritual incantations and clubs; an album of New Wave but still deeply rooted in Stelmanis’s classical and operatic upbringing. Watch the dark new-wave trio perform as support band for the xx at Sonic Visions.

OSCAR AND THE WOLF - 20h30 (Club)
Oscar and The Wolf is a young band from Belgian, born from the imagination of singer-songwriter Max Colombie. In June 2012 the band started a new chapter by opening for Lou Reed at the Rockhal and recording their second EP “Summer Skin” with indie-rock cult hero Robin Proper-Sheppard. It showcases the band’s unique sound and texture in full grandeur. This collection of songs shows an impressive growth, both in melody and dynamics, while maintaining the focus on Max’s intangible and unique voice. In Oscar’s case trail-blazing artists as Radiohead, Bon Iver, Beach House or Sigur Ros come to mind. But there’s more, a lot more…

- 21h00 (Rockhal Box)
Brought to you by Den Atelier, The xx will play the Rockhal on Friday 23rd November, joining the line-up of Rockhal's annual Sonic Visions Festival. Since their stunning 2009 debut and despite their unanimous critical acclaim and worldwide platinum sales, The xx have kept their lives out of the spotlight. Their Mercury-winning first album, featuring the über-single Crystalised, was a universally adored instant-classic. What held your attention seeing them live at den Atelier in 2010 was the subtlety of the modulations. Live, every f***ing single note played is as bright and precisely chiselled as a cut diamond, no matter how subdued the song in which it's set. Romy Madley Croft's guitar lines are simple but glitter like pools of water in moonlight, trickling across Jamie Smith's crisp electronic drum patterns, chiming steel pans and plangent keyboards reminiscent of Aphex Twin at his least confrontational. Oliver Sim's bass fills the spaces between so unobtrusively, you notice it most when he's not playing at all... The silences inserted into their songs are so pregnant, you want to give them your seat on the bus!

THOMAS AZIER - 22h00 (Rockhalcafe)
Thomas Azier is a pop-electronic music artist, based in Berlin. Exploring the inherent power of pop and its ability to transcend, communicate, and affect on mass, his epic sound is both nostalgic, and current; revisiting the sparkle and magic of the genre, so often ignored in the post-internet music era. Layering his productions with dramatic symphonic vocals, and an aggressive number of synthesizers, his work began to tell the stories of his new life. Thomas Azier recently co-wrote with German artist Casper on his #1 selling album XOXO, The 24-year old multi-instrumentalist is now working on his debut album.

C2C - 22h30 (Club)
C2C is not be yet a household name for the electro/urban music enthusiast. But the three-lettername is nonetheless legendary in the world of “turntablism”, a highly technical yet intensely musical discipline, with performers using turntables as musical instruments. The quartet ranked #1 in the DMC World Competition four times in a row, thanks to their unique blend of breathtaking technical dexterity. They released their first EP « Down The Road » this year and their gig at Sonic Visions will demonstrate  you all the skills that made the quartet an instant success.

SYNTHESIS - 23h30 (Rockhalcafe)
Synthesis is the collaboration between [vwaz] and Deborah Lehnen which have been evolving in many different side-projects since the early 00's. [vwaz] is creating songs that remind you of movie soundtracks. 'Short and eclectic' might be the point of order. Combined with Deborah Lehnen’s voice, Synthesis is the perfect mix between pop, underground & experimental electronic music. Their debut EP is programmed for 2013!

ELEKTRO GUZZI - 24h00 (Club)
Elektro Guzzi from Vienna deliver one of the most thrilling live performance models for techno and an innovative leap in the art of band performance at the very same time. While their instrumental approach is at the core of their aesthetics, it really doesn’t matter anymore if one sound comes from a guitar or bass or drum – it has all been merged into one sonic unit and all there is, is the music as a unified entity. While all the qualities of live performance are at hand – real time interaction, visual plausibility, instant miniscule adaptations – it is a radical break with what group performances have been about so far.

DEAD CΔT BOUNCE - 00h30 (Rockhalcafe)
Dead CΔT Bounceare a young french-italian duo, raised in Luxembourg. They started producing only one and a half year ago, and have already found their own unique sound at the early ages of 18 & 19. In the last year, Dead CΔT Bounce have, in no uncertain words, taken the electro/dubstep scene by storm. With an ever increasing online and international following, they also begin to tour Europe intensively. With an awesome piano work and heavy buzz saw synths in all their tracks, these guys have yet released 4 Eps in a year plus some originals & remixes.

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