Thursday, 13 November 2008

Club: standing

Rockhal Club

5, avenue du Rock'n'Roll, Esch, Alzette Luxembourg L-4361

Price: 20,- € + presale fee

Show: 20.30 hrs
Doors open at 20.00 hrs
Opening act: Quentin Lagonza

Organized by Rockhal


They come from the other side of the world (New Zealand) but you would imagine straight away that they were the children of one of the seediest suburbs of New York. “Head Stunts”, their fourth album, will be released at the beginning of October and the group will be performing in the Club at the Rockhal the following month. Lovers of raw rock who are not bothered about fancy embellishment please note: let’s go for it!

Described as “the future of rock” by the English press even before the release of their first album, the Datsuns very soon created a sensation. They were able to rely, indeed, on a fan called John Peel who regularly played tracks of theirs on his legendary “BBC Sessions”.

Their first eponymous album was released in 2002 and flew to the top of the sales lists in New Zealand. But the group was much more international in its outlook and went off around the world, offering their uncompromising rock anywhere they were accepted. England was the next country to be struck by the phenomenon, and the group went on to win numerous awards (best live group, best album and so on).

History was being made for the Datsuns and their raw style of lifting the lid even had them invited to the Ozzfest metal festival. Then it was Lars Ulrich (drummer with Metallica) who begged them to open on that group’s Australian tour before, the ultimate accolade, a certain John Paul Jones (bass/keyboard for Led Zeppelin) offered them his services to produce “Outta Sight, Outta Mind”, their second album. After just two albums, the group was already at its peak.

“Smoke & Mirrors”, the group’s third album, was released in 2006 and the Datsuns got back on their bus for another tour, this time to a number of cities they had not previously visited (incidentally, Luxembourg was a case in point). Everywhere they went their concerts were sold-out.

In October their fourth album “Head Stunts” will appear and the members of this group famed for its theatrical performances, once on stage, know better than any how to increase the temperature. Connoisseurs know them, and the rest can discover them!



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