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Saturday, 26 January 2019 20:00 Uhr Age: 1 year


The Floor

Luxembourg’s most recent Thrash Metal attack, Fusion Bomb, invite you to the Floor of the Rockhal on Saturday 26 January 2019 to celebrate the release of their first LP – "Concrete Jungle". As combat support they drafted the local Metal veterans Infact, as well as Denmark’s finest underground thrashers Impalers. But beware, these guys are always in for a surprise.
Armed with their debut release "Pravda", Fusion Bomb pretty soon left the Grand-Duchy to tour Europe. Megadeth, Tankard and Dust Bolt are but a few that the quartet had the honor to share the stage with. It’s from bands like Exodus, D.R.I. and Violator that they draw their inspiration and thus took an oath to fight false Metal and Pizza-Thrash.
The new LP "Concrete Jungle", which also features the previously released single "You’re A Cancer To This World”, has been recorded by Charles Stoltz at Holtz Sound Studios in Tuntange and by the band itself. For the mixing process they worked together with USA based producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Municipal Waste/Revocation/Hatebreed) and the LP will be released through Iron Shield Records from Berlin.

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