Rocklab is located on the third floor of the Rockhal and is a space dedicated to pop & rock music and culture. Its task is to guide, inform and assist amateur and professional musicians and artists as well as everyone interested by or active in the area of popular music in Luxembourg.

Rocklab features a media library, 6 rehearsal rooms and a recording studio (Rockhalstudio). It organizes workshops and training sessions for musicians, bands and music professionals on a regular basis. In addition to this, several artist support packages (live preparation, release shows, project follow-up...) aim at the promotion, information and development of the local music scene. Rocklab is also part of the Multipistes Network with the aim to support and promote artists from and in the Greater Region. Rocklab also (co-) organizes several events at Rockhal, dedicated to different aspects of (creating and promoting) music:
Sonic Visions Music Lab: panels, workshops and meetings dedicated to the music industry and its main components (management, booking, publishing, labels, promotion...).

Screaming Fields Festival: the annual newcomer & student bands festival at Rockhal with special emphasis on the discovery, promotion & preparation of new talents from Luxembourg.
Rock Tools: a whole day of workshops & masterclasses dedicated to rock music, its instruments  and their practice, held by nationally and internationally renowned tutors.
24 Heures Electroniques
: the annual meeting for all those who are into electronic music: workshops, tech talks and concerts for and by musicians and producers of all skills and levels.

24 Heures Electro for Kids: workshops and interactive exhibition to make the young ones and their parents discover the fascinating world of electronic music.
24H for Kids

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